At Saigon Bike Shop, you will be satisfied with the lovely and professional sets of custom-made wheels for touring, mountain, and road bikes. The spoke cross and technical skills of truing wheels of our mechanic team are essential. Depending on what types of your bikes! Terrace of roads you ride and your bicycle journey on! We made them easy for you. Saigon Bike Shop provides the best service as your request: change the front and rear bicycle hubs, re-spoke to the same rims, or upgrade your bike's wheels based on your requirements. In addition to the above services, the shop provides new wheelsets for mountain bikes, touring, gravel and road bikes: from aluminium to carbon wheels with mechanical cable brake hubs and disc brakes suitable for modern bikes on the market today. The shop's mechanics are also specialising in the maintenance all kinds of bike hubs, freehubs and bearing replacements.