Wed, 06/08/2022 - 17:19
enviolo’s products and services empower bike manufacturers to build bikes which change people’s lifestyles, taking less trips in cars and more trips on bikes.  A smart range of stepless shifting products have been designed to serve different rider needs.

Riese & Müller got its maintained at Saigon Bike Shop

The Enviolo hub offers fully automatic gearshifts based on riding terrain, pedal cadence and bike speed, and you adjust very smoothly as your feet increase or decrease pedal power, and your revs and pedals. The speeds of pedalling will not affect the hub parts, do not damage the gearbox parts, and do not make a noise when accelerating. Enviolo gearshift products and bicycle transmission solutions allow for effortless shifting, even under load. Variable speed by the balls in the gearbox. Enviolo does not use gears like Shimano, Rohloff, Sram's hub products, so it makes a clear difference. Why do the Shimano Nexus, Rohloff, and Shimano, Sram, and Campagnolo mechanical or electrical groups make a squeak between the chain and the sprocket and fail, possibly breaking the chain, snapping the dog, or breaking the boston gear? While, the Enviolo Drum does not, but it creates a smooth and smooth ride while you want to pedal hard or lightly, the wheel rpm is fast or slow without creating a rattling sound or metal friction. The Enviolo hub is a continuously variable transmission. Constructed with metal balls, decreases and accelerates when the balls with the center axis change the angle of rotation. When the center axis changes its origin, the friction points on the ball will move on the ball, so the speed will be fast or slow depending on the radius of the contact on the ball. Mekong Biking Tours  - Vietnam Bike Tours