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Here are what types of bikes we accept to repair and maintain

- Touring bikes

- Mountain bikes

- Road bikes

- Enduro bikes

Here are what we focus on for your bikes:

- All the bikes with groupsets/transmission groupsets are a minimum of 2 x 8 speeds.

- We are only working on technical specifications analysis of groupset, wheelsets, drivetrain, shifters, hub sets, freehubs, and hydraulic brakes. 

- Air forks and rear shocks

- I spoke to the rims and truing wheels as custom-made wheels.

- Build custom-made bikes to your requirements.

Here are what we won't provide to customers:

- Bike tires, inner tubs change

- Coil-springs front forks

- Coil-springs rear shocks

- You bought bicycle components and parts from another shop to have your bike fixed and changed at Saigon Bike Shop.